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How to become a cake designer

Your ambition is to become a cake designer, making beautiful and delicious creations that will delight your customers: here's how you can make that dream come true.

If you’ve been inspired by Masterchef or Bake-Off and think the world of catering is for you, it’s worth knowing that there’s also a new career option as well as the usual job of chef.  It’s very much in vogue and could be your key to success.

cake designer

We’re referring to the role of “cake designer”. But what exactly is this job? And how does one become a cake designer? Here’s all you need to know!

Becoming a cake designer: what you need to know

Cake design is a method of decorating cakes. You use sugar paste, colours, pralines and above all your imagination to find just the right solution for the customer who has ordered the cake.

Programmes like “Cake Boss” have helped to promote this profession, which was virtually unknown until recently. But what do you need to become a cake designer? The most important requisites for a cake designer are imagination and attention to detail.

Indeed, to succeed in this job, personal qualities are more important than professional qualifications. Accuracy, imagination, dexterity and huge patience are required, both while working and when talking to customers, who are often very demanding.

Professionally speaking, of course, you need a good knowledge of cakes and pastries. This should include knowledge about the composition, chemical constituents and nutritional properties of the various products used in baking, especially as food allergies are becoming increasingly common. A background at a catering school would therefore be ideal.

You should also know about all the equipment used in cake-making, and have a good eye for arranging the decorations on the cake. To learn the craft properly, you can attend one of the cake designer courses run by the Italian Cake Designer Association.

Although you don’t need to be a chef or professional cook to do this job, clearly some basic training and experience in the food and catering sector is required. So get studying and prepare to become an expert cake designer!