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How To Become a Wedding Planner

Love: what a splendid feeling this is, especially if it will continue with a solemn commitment in front of family and friends. A wedding is a magical time for any couple.

But what the guests see when they arrive is the result of some very hard work, all aimed at creating a joyful and memorable occasion. Who’s to thank for this? It’s probably a wedding planner. This person’s job is to organise the whole wedding from start to finish. Every couple has their own demands, time is short and a help is needed. That’s why the wedding planner plays such an important role.

Wedding Planner: What to Study?

As there is no specialist degree for wedding planners, you’ll need to take another type of course, and there are many possible options available.

If you’re interested in events in general, you could take a degree in Event Management and Organisation. You could then specialise in weddings. It’s also important to have a good knowledge of finance. This will help you to work within the couple’s budget.

Apart from that, what really counts is practical experience. Organising a wedding generally requires considerable forward planning. And you also need to know how to carry it all out in practice, anticipating the various demands of the bride and groom and coping with any emergencies or unexpected events.

Also, if you’re aiming to become a wedding planner, you will need certain personal qualities: you will need to be patient, flexible, and good at handling the crisis that will almost inevitably arise in the days leading up to the wedding. That is why experience is so important: a wedding is like no other event; there are heightened emotions and feelings in play that tend to magnify any little thing.