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Canadian Salary Guide: Is It Really Worth Emigrating?

Does working in Canada mean earning a high, low or average salary? Here's how to find out and decide if it's really worth emigrating.

You’ve decided: it’s time to “give it all up” and seek your fortune in Canada. This country on the other side of the ocean offers lots of opportunities for those wanting to emigrate. However, as with Australia, the process of obtaining a visa is rather complicated.

But once you’ve accomplished that, life in Canada may seem like everything you’ve always wanted.  An important question to ask before leaving is how much you’re likely to earn in Canada? Is it really worth emigrating? Here’s how to decide.

Average Salary in Canada

The official Canadian Government website has a special section for those who want to come and work in Canada. As part of this, the Government has put up a series of job charts showing the average pay for every category. So you can surf the relevant section on the website which lists the various jobs and their associated rates of pay. You can even refine the search, comparing pay and professions in different Canadian cities.

Also, if you enter your chosen job category on the site, suggestions for similar types of work will appear.

You should then consult the NOC (National Occupational Classification). This will help you decide if the job you have indicated really responds to the sort of employment you want.

The site shows minimum, average and maximum rates of pay, based on gross hourly rates recorded throughout Canada. So you can see, for example, that the average pay for a waiter in Canada is $10.04 an hour.

Does that seem attractive? Or do you get the impression that wages in Canada are fairly similar to what you would earn in Italy for doing that job? This site gives you a general idea; and of course, if you don’t have any particular aspirations, but just want to work and live in Canada, it helps you to choose a job and pay scale that will suit you.