Best Jobs for Introverted People
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Best Jobs for Introverted People

Too often, introverts find themselves in jobs that are not suited to their personality type. But don't give up! There are plenty of jobs out there for you.

For the average introvert, interacting with others is difficult. So, working in an environment with a huge team of people with priorities changing from day to day can be quite distressing, while networking is downright impossible.

Perfect Jobs for Introverted People

Too often, introverts find themselves in jobs that are not suited to their personality type, which makes work a nightmare that they dread daily. But that doesn’t mean introverts should give up. There are plenty of jobs out there suited to their personality type.

Computer programming

Writing code on a computer means that your main interaction is with your screen. Once you receive software from the developers, you write the code that turns it into something the computer can read.

Graphic designer

Ideal for the creative introvert, graphic design is work done independently based on the instructions of the client. There are multiple self-employment opportunities for graphic designers, meaning they can work from home.

Author or freelance writer

Authors get to be alone with their thoughts and express them on paper for others to read. This is the ideal solitary job for introverts who have a great imagination and a flair for the written word.

Political scientist

A political scientist is required to do a lot of research on government policies and trends in politics. These are then handed to politicians who present them to various groups. Politicians rely on political scientists to do sound analysis and present findings and recommendations that they can use.

Long-haul truck driver

For those who like the open road and being left alone with their thoughts or listening to the radio, long-haul truck driving is the perfect job. You get to see a variety of different places and learn new things, with a lot of alone time.


If you have an affinity for numbers and meticulous organization, you could become an accountant. Mostly, you’ll work with numbers and prepare financial statements, tax returns, and financial operations reports.


An airline or commercial pilot gets to travel extensively, something that many introverts enjoy. You will have a small group of colleagues and must trust your co-pilot implicitly. Despite the fact that you may be on a plane full of people, you do much of your work alone.

Laboratory worker/researcher

In these careers, you’ll be left alone with your research and spend much of your time imAmersed in data and statistics.


A geologist spends much of his/her time in the field taking samples. Once back in the laboratory, a great deal of time is done conducting tests and preparing reports on your findings.

Animal care

Introverts may find working with animals a far better prospect than working with people. Working as a veterinary assistant or as an animal shelter caregiver would be ideal jobs, with minimal human contact and plenty of furry and feathery friends.


A landscaper or gardener works in a small team but spends much of their time alone working with plants

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