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How to Deal with Anxiety On Your First Day at Work

This is it, the job you’ve been waiting for! Soon it will be your first day at work and you can’t stop feeling anxious. Whether it’s your first job or you’ve been working for years, you’re bound to feel a bit apprehensive.

It’s only natural to feel nervous: indeed it would be strange if you didn’t. However it’s important not to get too anxious or your nerves could affect your capacity to work. How can you cope with anxiety on your first day at work? It’s simple. Here are a few tips.

First Day at Work: How to Deal with Anxiety

  • Avoid coffee: if you’re feeling nervous, drinking a whole pot of coffee is not the best solution. It’s better to have herbal tea for breakfast, perhaps even chamomile tea if your stomach’s really churning.
  • Choose what to wear the night before: you don’t want to be up at 6 wondering what to put on, so choose your outfit before you go to bed. Wear something comfortable but smart; whatever’s required to make a good impression on your first day of work.
  • Go to bed early: don’t sit up watching television till 2 a.m. the night before. Try for go to sleep early so that you feel rested the next morning, with a clear mind ready to cope with any attack of nerves during the day.
  • Smile and introduce yourself to everyone: during the course of the day, present yourself to all your new colleagues in a friendly way. It’s an excellent way to keep calm, and you can also get some advice and moral support from someone who’s been with the company for a while.
  • If in doubt, ask: if you get anxious because you think you can’t do something, don’t panic. It’s your first day at work, just ask your colleagues.