Photo on Yuor Resume: How to Make the Right Choice

It’s always difficult to decide on a photo for your CV. Which one should I choose? And Do you have to choose a picture fro you resume?

These are just some of the things you may ask yourself when searching for the right photo for your CV. Obviously, there’s no single correct answer. However, there are some general guidelines to follow when choosing a photo for your CV.

Do You Have to Choose a Photo for Your CV?

To start, if you want to use a photo for you resume, don’t use a summer holiday pic. Even if you look particularly good, photos taken at the beach or while on holiday are not the perfect presentation for a worker.

The main reason you attach a photo to your CV is to show off your full face. So it’s pointless to use a photo where your face is partly hidden. So don’t use photos of you wearing sunglasses.

If you’re sending your CV to a young, start-up company, you can generally pick one where you look more relaxed. But if your CV is going to be seen by the Managing Director of a company with a very formal ethos, you’d be well advised to have a special photo taken.

As far as what you wear is concerned, don’t overdo it. We all have our own way of dressing, so it’s a mistake not to show yourself as you really are. If you really want to modify your appearance in some way, wear a blue shirt or top. Why blue? This colours helps convey confidence and security, just what every human resources manager is looking for in a candidate.

For women, our final tip is to choose a photo where you’re not wearing too much flashy make-up: it’s better to go for the natural look.