7 Signs That Make You Understand That It's Time To Update Your CV

7 Signs That Make You Understand That It’s Time To Update Your CV

Here are seven really good reasons for updating your CV and looking for another dream job.

We spend the best waking hours of our day at work, so shouldn’t it at least be bearable, preferably enjoyable? Even the best job in the world can make you want to take the day off sometimes, but some jobs are plain bad.

Here are seven really good reasons for updating your CV and looking for another dream job.

1. Your sleep is suffering

If you find it hard to get to sleep, or you wake up in the night worrying about work, you might be suffering from job-induced stress. It can be exacerbated by being tired all the time, and your job will seem all the worse as a result.

2. You’re bored

All jobs have their ups and downs, but if you find yourself chronically bored at work, you might need to move on. Maybe you’re so used to what you do that you could almost do it in your sleep. Boredom usually affects your work because you’re not paying attention and could make mistakes as a result.

3. You dream of retirement

No matter how young you are, if you’re spending your time dreaming about retirement, you need a change. Don’t wish your life away. Instead, look for a job that is more challenging and fulfilling.

4. Everyone seems to be leaving

If your company is losing talented employees in droves, it’s probably time to update your CV. If all the best employees are leaving, maybe you should be doing the same thing. If your company is not trying to get them back, that might be a sign that the organization is in financial trouble.

5. You are getting frequent headaches, colds or other physical symptoms of stress

It’s an interesting thing that our physical health, or lack thereof, can often tell us what is going on in our minds. If you’re suffering frequent health setbacks or feel unwell, your job might be the culprit. If it is, it’s definitely time to move on. No job is worth your health.

6. You’ve been ignored for promotions

If some of your co-workers are getting promoted ahead of you, even with less experience than you have, it’s time to look for another position. But before doing that, it might be a good idea to meet with your boss to discuss the situation. Ask him or her why you haven’t been promoted and take notes during the conversation. If they say you lack certain skills, make sure you develop those or at least bear them in mind when searching for your next job.

7. There are no opportunities for promotion

Most people leave jobs to advance their careers and their salaries. If you can see nowhere within the organization to move up to, it might be time to look for something else. You don’t want to get stuck in the same old job for years on end. You need to advance your career and look for a company that has greater opportunities for career growth.