10 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

Being in front the person you hope will become your future boss and be interviewed is never easy. Here are the phrases to absolutely avoid.

Being in front the person you hope will become your future boss and be interviewed is never easy. You might feel anxious or agitated and start saying random things that almost certainly risk doing irremediable damage to the outcome of the meeting.

10 things you should never say during a job interview

To try to deal with this problem, here is a list of 10 questions and phrases to absolutely avoid during a job interview.

1. How much does this job pay?

The first question to never ask at a job interview is that regarding salary. Avoid asking about this because it will give the impression that you’re only interested in the money.

2. What does you company?

If you ask this question it means that you don’t even know why you are there. The first rule of any interview is to gather as much information as possible about the company.

3. How soon can I take a vacation

No interviewer would ever select a candidate who is already thinking about holidays.

4. How many hours a day is the office open?

This question indicates that you want to be in the office as less as possible and that you even read the job offer. Remember the words of Confucius, “better to be quiet than open mouth and remove all doubt” and avoid this question.

5. I’m sorry, I’m really nervous…

Feeling nervous during an interview is normal. But if you’re nervous now when nothing is happening, what will happen when there are stressful moments at work? No company wants to hire someone who lacks in confidence.


6. Bad words

They can’t be written in a blog, imagine saying them during a job interview. We won’t list them here, you know them well and you know that they’re absolutely to be avoided during the interview.

7. Can you tell me about your personal life? Are you married?

Like receiving personal questions, asking the interviewer personal questions is something to avoid. It’s none of your business and it makes it appears you’re deflecting the situation.

8. Is there something I should know?

In this way, you are implying that there are unpleasant co-worker or annoying boss. They exist, but it’s not the interviewers responsibility to warn you.

9. How did I do?

The most insecure question in the world. When the interview is over, thank the interviewer and go away without worrying about asking this.

10. Is this an aptitude test?

If the interviewer asks you a strange question, it’s not necessarily a test. It might just be a special question. Answer without over-thinking it.