5 Goods Signs At An Interview

5 Goods Signs At An Interview

A job interview is a very important event for any aspiring worker. In the limited time available, you have to present yourself, show what you’re worth, and demonstrate why the company should select you. Not an easy task, that’s for sure.

If you’ve managed to control your nerves and provide good answers to all the interview questions, there’ll probably have been various signs to indicate everything is going well. But perhaps, because you’ve been concentrating, you haven’t noticed them. So here are the 5 positive signs to look out for during a job interview.

Positive Signs During a Job Interview

  • You talked about pay: if the company wasn’t interested in you, they would probably just have sent you away, and there certainly wouldn’t have been any mention of pay. If this subject came up, it’s a good sign; it suggests they liked you and just want to attend to the finer details.
  • Second interview: that’s a fairly obvious sign that the interview went well. If they ask you to come for a second interview, you’ve probably passed the first test. So now’s the time to give it your all and fight off the last remaining candidates.
  • Questions about other interviews: if the interviewer asks you if you’ve been for interviews with other companies, this suggests that he’s afraid of losing you, or worried that you might receive a better pay offer. It clearly indicates that he or she liked you and wants you on the team.
  • They use your first name: unless you’ve agreed to adopt an informal tone from the start, if the interviewer starts calling you by your first name halfway through the process, that’s certainly a positive sign!
  • Availability: if they start asking you about your future commitments, it’s probably because they want you on the team as soon as possible.