Seeking Work Without Experience: Qualities You Should Highlight

If you have no experience in the world of work, looking for a job can be even more complicated. Not because you don’t have the right cultural or technical background, but because companies generally prefer people who know about the job they’re applying to do.

So companies feel safer if they don’t entrust the position to an inexperienced candidate. However, if you play your cards well, your lack of experience can be turned into a strength which will persuade the company to select you. Let’s look at some qualities you should highlight if you’re an inexperienced candidate seeking work.

Seeking work without experience: the qualities to highlight

  • I’m open-minded: a quality you should stress during the interview. As you have no previous experience, you don’t know what you might be presented with, and you’ve got no means of comparison.
  • I’m flexible: as it’s your first job experience, you’ll probably adapt more easily. This is a quality that companies rank very highly
  • I can offer a fresh approach: if you’ve just left university, you’ll probably have lots of information and ideas in your head that could be of great benefit to the company. Many companies look to young people to bring new skills into the team.
  • Willingness to work: because you’re “new”, you won’t take anything for granted, and you’ll tackle whatever you’re asked to do with great enthusiasm, simply because you’re fresh to the job and so are more highly motivated.
  • Energy: you’re not exhausted after spending years in a gruelling job. If you have no previous work experience, you’re a new bundle of energy, and this is definitely something the company should appreciate.