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Leaving Your Job Before Finding Another Might Make Sense

You've got a job, but you've realised that it doesn't give you any pleasure or satisfaction, and indeed, just makes you want to escape.

It’s probably not the right job for you. However, you’re left with a quandary: should you leave this job even if you haven’t found another one, or hang on until a better alternative comes up?

It’s a legitimate question and you need to weigh up your options very carefully. Deciding to leave your job without the security of a new position requires some careful thought. Let’s see what you should consider before coming to a decision.

What to consider before you leave your job, if you haven’t found a new one

  • What’s your area of work? Before giving up your job, you need to consider whether your area of expertise is much in demand. Have a look at the job offer sites and see if there are many vacancies for your type of work. If there are lots of opportunities, you might think it’s worth resigning before finding a new job, but otherwise you’d probably better wait.
  • Salary: if you get a good salary, it’s well worth putting a bit of money aside while you look for another job. In that way, if you don’t find a new position immediately, you’ll still have sufficient income to support yourself.
  • Savings: if your bank account is always in the red, it’s better not to make a rushed decision. Handing in your notice and not finding another job immediately could land you in very hot water.
  • Do you have valuable expertise? If your CV includes some important companies and you’ve got plenty of valuable experience, other companies might be very interested in head-hunting you.