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Living and Working in Canada: Pros and Cons

Giving up everything and going to work in Canada clearly has various pros and cons. Here's what they are, and how to decide if Canada is really for you.

The idea of ​​”giving up everything” and going to work in Canada can be very tempting. Canada is an attractive country from many points of view. And if you want to make a clean break with the past, where could be better than this? But clearly, living and working in Canada has various pros and cons, so let’s see what they are.

Canada: Pros and Cons of Living and Working There

Let’s start with the positive aspects: firstly, obtaining a visa to work in Canada is less complicated than getting one for other countries, such as Australia. You do need references and the promise of a job, but the procedure is far less cumbersome. So getting a visa is not an impossible task.

Another positive aspect of living in Canada is that even the larger cities have a lot of green space. The natural environment is very important to the Canadians. Another advantage is that living on the other side of the world you’ll be virtually forced to rely on yourself, and you’ll discover inner resources you never knew you had.

A disadvantage of living and working in Canada, on the other hand, could be the languages. To find a job, you often need to have a good knowledge of French, and not everyone is fluent in this language.

While some people might find it a positive asset to be on the other side of the world, for others it’s a complicate thing. Being so far away from home is not always easy to handle.

But quite apart from the various pros and cons, in the end this is a personal choice. If you’ve decided you want to go to Canada, don’t be put off. It will be an exciting experience, and you can choose to stay there as long as you like.