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A Negative Work Environment: How to Make It Less Toxic

How can you improve a toxic work environment? Here are some tips to help make your working life more positive.

Your work environment consists of your colleagues, your office, your company and your boss: in fact, everything around you on a daily basis.

If it’s a positive place, full of nice people with whom you can share an enjoyable evening out, your working life will seem less of a burden. But if there’s a negative environment, getting up every morning to go to the office and spending about 8 hours trapped inside can become a real nightmare. We take a look at how to improve a negative work environment.

How to Make Your Work Environment Less Negative

The first step is to work on yourself. When you get to work, set some goals you can achieve on your own during the day. That’ll be your daily challenge, and if you manage to accomplish it, you’ll feel more fulfilled in the evening. This personal test will help distract you from your surroundings at work.

However, if you find it hard just to focus on yourself, one way to make your work environment more positive and enjoyable is to spice it with a little humour. A joke about something that happened to you and a colleague can be a good way to establish a healthier, more enjoyable working relationship.

Another way to make the work environment less toxic is to arrange some sort of event in the office. It could be a shared drink or some time out, or a special lunch break: anything that can help build new ties and relationships, and make the office a healthier and more pleasant environment to work in every day. Another excellent tip is to organise some office sports competitions: they’re great for team building and also for establishing good relationships between colleagues.