Being Fired Signs to Watch Out For
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Being Fired: Signs to Watch Out For

Rather than worry about it, you can dedicate your energy to keeping a step ahead. Here 5 warning signs you will be fired.

Unfortunately getting fired can happen to everyone, even when it’s not your fault. If you are on the ball, you will be able to notice the warning signals and take action before its too late. Rather than worry about it, you can dedicate your energy to keeping a step ahead.

Warning Signs You Will Be Fired

Bear in mind that an ideal professional CV looks better with one job running straight into the next. If you notice any of these signs, then it’s time to get moving.

1. You are no longer in the row

You are starting to feel excluded from the office goings on, and you feel as though you are no longer an integral part. You are out of the loop of the daily organization. You don’t know anything about the new projects. You only hear about staff meetings, but you’re not invited. If you are a leader and you are being kept out of decision-making situations, it’s time to start worrying.

2. You didn’t get a good review or a pay rise at the end of the year

This is a sign that your presence isn’t appreciated and could mean trouble in the short run. Reviews are the proof of performance that your employer needs to have on record to justify a termination. Your employers are stacking evidence up against you. Also, be aware if you are being told that you don’t fit in with the company culture or team. These are surefire indications of exclusion on the way.

3. Your job is becoming impossible to carry out

Even though you seem to be putting more and more effort into getting all your duties done, they keep throwing more at you. They give you tasks that are not part of your competences or too much to handle. The deadlines get stacked against you. Once the whole thing comes crashing down around you, they can lay the blame on you. If a company wants to fire you, then they could be setting you up for a disaster. This way they can justify asking you to leave.

4. You no longer have a good relationship with your boss

When the relationship changes from collaborating to not even making eye contact with you. You find yourself tense when you are in their presence, and you can’t communicate about even the most basic issues. If your boss is no longer on your side, it’s tough to make it work. If your relationship gets deteriorated, it is time to start looking elsewhere.

5. The company seems to be taking a hit

You might have seen the signs of the company starting to cut back on everything. They might already be negotiating layoffs. If you are privy to information about their economic viability and you see the company losing money. If they have lost essential clients or budgets, they will need to make severe adjustments. If there is a merger on the horizon and your position isn’t entirely secure, start preparing fast.