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How to Job Hunt Whilst Working

Do you already have a job but would like to look for another? Check out our guide on how to job hunt whilst working for hints, tips and advice.

Are you currently working but looking for another job? Sometimes you may not be able to cope with a job you love even if it is at a company you hate.

The good news is that it’s much easier to get a job whilst you are currently working. But there are some difficulties to overcome. We take a look at some effective ways to look for a job whilst working as well as some things to avoid.

Stay Focused on Your Current Job

One of the biggest giveaways that you are looking for another job is to lose focus on your current role. It’s understandable that the interest in your current job may wain. But it is important that you don’t let this happen. You don’t want to give it away that you are looking for another job and you don’t want a bad reference if you do get a job offer.

Stay Focused on Your Current Job

Keep It Quiet

This should really go without saying but you really do need to keep your job hunt quiet at work. As well as not telling your managers, you should not tell your colleagues either, however close they are to you.

Ensure References Can Only Be Requested Once a Job Offer Has Been Made

When you apply for a job, you may be asked to supply the contact details of your references. One of these will have to be from your current employer. There should also be section where you say whether you will let the company contact your current employer for a reference before a job offer is made.


Your prospective company won’t hold it against you, it’s standard practice and something that the vast majority of candidates do.

Don’t Use The Internet to Search At Work

It may sound obvious advice but it’s something that a lot of people don’t follow. Sitting at your desk browsing job sites is a really obvious way of letting your manager know you are looking for another job.

Even if you think you are being careful, nearly every company in the UK now has an IT policy that you will almost certainly have signed.  These usually give businesses the right to monitor your internet use so they could even know which jobs you have applied for!

Be more careful and use your own computer, tablet or phone to apply for jobs. Sign up for Jobrapido job alerts and let them do the hard work of searching for a job for you!

Jobrapido app

Don’t Change Your Routine

If you start to take lots of mornings or afternoons off to attend interviews, it can be a real giveaway that you are looking for another job.

Try and arrange interviews on days off you have already had booked for a while, out of work hours. If you have multiple interviews, try and group them over a couple of days to prevent you having multiple days off here and there.

Follow these tips and you’ll find it much easier to secure your dream job.