Perfect jobs for those who love cars
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Perfect Jobs For Those Who Love Cars

If you have a passion for cars and are looking for a career, here are a few ideas of jobs you might love.

We spend the best hours of days working, so shouldn’t we be following our passion instead of doing something that doesn’t excite us?

If you have a passion for cars and are looking for a career, here are a few ideas of jobs you might love.


If you love driving cars, there are loads of opportunities for drivers in the job market. You could become a taxi driver or even a long-haul truck driver. You could get involved in the delivery business. And if you’ve got the stomach for it, what about becoming a stunt driver for television and movies?

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Racing driver

The ultimate for those who love to drive, car racing requires fitness, courage, commitment, and a whole lot more. The best drivers get paid huge sums, but most retire pretty early on. Of course, not all of us can be racing drivers, but if you’ve got the need for speed and you don’t mind the risks, this might be the career for you.

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Car designer

Design engineers are needed at all levels of the car industry. If you have a flair for design, you could couple it with your love of cars by becoming a car designer. Of course, those at the top of the field earn vast sums.

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Mechanical engineer

If you’ve been tinkering with cars and taking them apart since you were a kid, you might think about becoming a mechanical engineer. In this discipline, the principles of materials science, physics, and engineering combine to manufacture, design, analyze, and maintain mechanical systems such as cars. It’s one of the oldest types of engineering there is.

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If you enjoy sales, you can combine your skills with your passion for cars by becoming a car salesperson. You’ll always be surrounded by the newest models, which will motivate your flair for sales. Look for a car dealership that sells a brand you particularly like.

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If you have a way with words and are crazy about cars, why not pursue journalism. You’ll have to work your way through the ranks, but you could one day become a journalist that specializes in writing about automobiles or car racing.

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All companies, no matter what they do, need accountants. So if you love cars and you also love crunching numbers, becoming an accountant might be just the job. You’ll have to be logical, precise, and finance-oriented, so if you fit the bill, look at becoming an accountant for a company that works with cars.

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Auto Restorer

If you love classic cars in particular, then spending your day working on bringing them back to prime condition couldn’t be better. You’d probably be self-employed, which has its pros and cons, but it’s perfect for someone who loves the cars of yesteryear.

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Public relations officer

If you write well and have a flair for planning and event management, public relations officer or manager in a car company might be a great fit for you.

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