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Stressful Job: 5 Ways That Make You Life Better

How can you improve life if you have a stressful job? Here are five tips, and some minor suggestions you can act on straight away.

There are many reasons for feeling stressed at work: a repetitive job, work overload, or conflicts with your colleagues or superiors. There is also a specific term to describe this condition.

But what’s the solution? If your job is very stressful, and you constantly feel tense and have a knot in the pit of your stomach, you probably need at least a fortnight’s holiday to get you back on track. However, not everyone has this luxury. So if you can’t take time off, here are some tips to help improve the situation. Let’s go through them together.

Stress at Work: What Can You Do To Feel Better

  1. Do yoga: it’s generally agreed that after a stressful day at work all you want to do is beat the life out of a punch bag. You can certainly do that, but if you can manage to attend a yoga course, you’ll find that the relaxation and breathing exercises you learn are very useful, both to restore your equilibrium after a stressful day, and to practice at the office at times of tension.
  2. Take a walk: if you have a park close to home, or a small area of woodland, you should be able to spare at least ten minutes for a walk. Enjoying the silence and leafy surroundings helps you feel calmer and more at peace with yourself. You could even try to find a job which involves working close to nature.
  3. Don’t bring work home: when you leave the office, your work is done. There’s no point in trying to do paperwork at home: you’ll only do it badly and end up even more tense. It’s equally futile talking endlessly about your work with friends or relatives. It will just make you even angrier.
  4. Go running: if you can manage to go for a short run every morning before setting off for work, it will make you feel more positive. Stimulating the endorphins will give you more energy to face the day.
  5. Visualise a colour: when you are particularly stressed or if something annoying happens at work, instead of losing your cool, try visualising your favourite colour in your mind; it will help to calm you down.