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3 Tourism Startup Ideas: 3 Projects to Consider Before Setting Out

Some startups in the tourist industry came from nowhere and became hugely successful. Here are 3 to inspire you to launch your own tourism business.

The tourism sector is extremely attractive and many people have been motivated to launch their own businesses. If you want to get into the tourism’s world, you can do it by starting your own company.

There are lots of businesses to have a look at. These are tourism startups which, in a matter of years (or even months), have made a considerable impact on the market. And many of them have beaten the competition.

So they’re a good example to follow, and to use as a model for starting your own business. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

Tourism startups: three projects you should know about

  • Musement: launched as a startup by some very young entrepreneurs, this online platform is now worth thirty-seven billion Euros. The app helps you organise visits to museums and art events. All this without queuing and with plenty of discounts. The app now covers more than 3000 activities in 25 countries, and also provides lots of detailed information about the various places and events.
  • Wanderio: an idea which became a web portal and is now one of the most famous startups in the tourist industry. The app helps you organise your means of travel, allowing you to plan your journey in a few simple steps. You can travel from home to your destination without any worries. The app lets you choose your means of transport, look at timetables and select the best fare.
  • Guide Me Right: this business is based on a simple but ingenious idea; allowing you to visit a city accompanied by a local person. This way, you’ll get to eat in places that tourists never go to.

So, you see, if you want to work in tourism and launch your own startup you need a bit of imagination. But there’s one thing to bear in mind: the best ideas come out of personal experience. If you’re on holiday and you notice there’s something lacking, why not be the first to offer it?