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First Day at Work: What to Wear

The ideal look for your first day at work: what to wear, what colours to choose and how to make a good impression.

Your first day at work is always the most important. Many people get extremely anxious, especially because they know that the initial trial period will be crucial for their future career.

Your first day at work will be much like any other day. But there’s one thing that really matters, and that’s making a good impression. So you’ll obviously want to look your best in front of your boss and your colleagues on your first day. But what should you wear? How should you dress to ensure you make the right impression? Here are 5 tips to help you avoid mistakes.

What to Wear On Your First Day at Work

  1. Colours: first of all, be careful about the colours you choose for your first day. It’s best to opt for colours that suggest confidence, security and reliability. These include light or dark blue. Avoid red, at least on your first day. It’s a colour that suggests aggressiveness.
  2. Shirt or sweater: it depends on the type of company and the level of formality they require. For men, it’s best to wear a shirt, but with no tie or with the top button undone. It should be smart but casual, like a polo shirt. Women, on the other hand, should wear something simple but comfortable.
  3. Skirt or trousers: women can’t go wrong with a skirt. A longish one is perfect. For men, the real dilemma will be whether to wear jeans or trousers. If you’re wearing a shirt on top, jeans or chinos will be fine.
  4. Accessories: bracelets, rings and necklaces are lovely, but don’t overdo it. A bracelet or some smart but simple earrings are quite acceptable. Avoid dangly earrings and all those beads you bought last summer; you don’t want to look like a hippie straight from Woodstock.
  5. Don’t look unnatural: that’s the most important thing. Quite apart from the other advice, just be yourself!