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Should You Start Working or Continue Studying?

Work or study dilemma. If you’ve finished high school and you still haven’t decided whether to carry on studying or get a job, you need to do some very careful thinking.

And so, in addition to the various pros and cons, here are some useful advices to help you come to a decision.

Work or study? Some useful tips

First of all, think about your possible future career. What are your aspirations? Would your choice of profession require further studies or a specialist course? If the answer is “yes”, you’ll definitely need to consider the idea of ​​studying. If you do a specialist course, you’ll have many more job opportunities than someone without any academic qualifications.

Also think about the courses you took while you were at school. Did you have any favourite subjects? Or were you always dreaming about gaining your independence? If your answer is a firm “yes” to this last question, then you should consider a profession where experience is more important than studying. There are jobs in most sectors that don’t require a university degree, and they’re often well-paid.  If you begin working soon, you’ll be able to build up experience and start earning as well.

If you’ve already done three years at university and are unsure whether to take a master’s degree, your decision must be based on your choice of future career. Do you need specialist qualifications to work in your chosen sector? Did your fellow students manage to find work after finishing a three-year course? You might have to consider the idea of getting back to your books and studying extra hard to achieve your ambition.

Whatever choice you make, remember it’s your future that’s at stake, and how you’ll spend much of your day during your working life. So it’s important to think carefully before making a decision.