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Working with animals: 5 jobs for non-graduates

If you love pets and your dream is to work with animals, there are tons of opportunities available even for those without a degree.

Vet is the first job to come to mind when one thinks of work involving animals, the job of the. But it’s not the only profession in this field. Here are some great jobs for anyone who loves pets but doesn’t have a degree.

Working with animals: jobs for non-graduates

  • Dog trainer: this job is very satisfying but you have to follow a proper course. Most of the work takes place outside and you’ll be working with animals all day long.
  • Dog grooming: a nice bath, a trim and a manicure. You don’t need a degree to do this job, just patience and experience with dogs, as well as cats and other pets.
  • Travel agent: not many people would recognise this job, but there are now lots of owners making enquiries about pet-friendly accommodation. If you are particularly interested in this sector, you could even launch your own startup. You could create an app or website, or start specialising in this niche area.
  • Pet therapy: if you love animals, but you also want a job that makes you feel useful, this could suit you very well. You can do pet therapy courses and go with dogs or cats to visit patients in hospitals or convalescent homes.
  • Pet shop assistant: the perfect job for dog-lovers. In this job, you can help owners to look after their pets properly, which will certainly give you a lot of satisfaction. You’re sure to become a firm favourite with the four-legged customers too!