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5 Tips for Your First Days at Work

Make the best of your first day of work, without looking foolish or making blunders: here are five important tips.

The first day at work generally means anxiety and tension. Even people with huge self-confidence are likely to be affected. Are you worried about doing something wrong or looking stupid? That’s perfectly normal, but to prevent your worst nightmares from happening, it’s vitally important to show a sense of composure on your first day at work. Here are five tips to help you make a good start in your new job.

Tips For Your First Day at Work

  • Breakfast: it may sound silly, but it’s very important to have a good breakfast before facing your first day of work. You’ll need the energy, and anyway, you might need to take a late lunch break if there’s a job to finish or a special delivery to do.
  • Clothes: you need to make a good impression on your first day. So try to wear comfortable clothes. But make sure they’re in keeping with the company ethos.
  • Ask: don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure about something or have any misgivings. Everybody realises it’s your first day on the job and they don’t expect you to know everything. It’s better to ask and appear humble than to attempt to do everything alone at any cost, and so to risk making blunders and looking foolish.
  • Keep an eye on your colleagues: even if you immediately identify one of your colleagues as a potential friend, don’t give too much of yourself away. You never really know who you’re dealing with, and he may not be as straightforward as he appears.
  • Don’t mention holidays: if you start asking for time off on your very first day, it certainly won’t look good. You have a right to holidays, but it’s not the best subject to raise on your first day at work.