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How to Become a Personal Shopper

How to become a personal shopper and get paid for going round the shops: here are some tips to help turn your dream into reality.

Do you love fashion and shopping? Then the perfect role for you could well be that of a personal shopper. This job will let you go round the shops and make purchases, but without spending your own money; indeed, you will be earning instead!

It seems unlikely, but this is a genuine dream job. However, you have to put in a lot of work to become a personal shopper. Here’s how you can do it!

Becoming a Personal Shopper: all you need to know!

If you want to become a personal shopper, you need to start by studying fashion. You’ll be in a better position if you’ve got a degree in design or simply in fashion. But there are other ways of learning as well as academic study. Fashion is a living subject and you can also learn about it by visiting stores, working in a shop, looking at magazines, and checking out the websites and Instagram profiles of the main influencers and fashion bloggers.

Secondly, an important element in becoming a personal shopper is self-promotion. Our advice is to set up an Instagram or Facebook page where you can post your own ideas, comments, suggestions and videos in relation to fashion. You’ll need to reach a large audience in order to attract notice. The more followers you have, the more your name will start to get recognised. And then many people will begin to show interest in your work. At this point, you can offer your services as a personal shopper, but you will need to establish customer loyalty.

Alternatively, you can use the more traditional route: visit clothes shops (or fashion showrooms if you’re really ambitious) and give them a copy of your CV. Don’t use the classic CV format, but make it creative and exciting, with an emphasis on style and the latest fashions.

You can offer your services as a shopping adviser in a store, and even if you don’t earn much, the important thing is that people will start talking about you. One thing’s for certain: you’ll have to put in a lot of effort, and be very good at distinguishing yourself from the rest of the herd.