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How to Become a Chef: Our Guide

There are so many TV shows about cuisine, and competitions among professional chefs or for those who wants to became a chef. With all this on TV, have you ever considered becoming a chef? It’s one of the top jobs for food-lovers!

Of course, to rise to the heights of Gordon Ramsey or James Oliver, you need to work hard and have a lot of determination. But nothing is impossible and perseverance is often rewarded. But first we need to examine the process of becoming a chef.

How to Become a Chef

To start with, you need be realistic: enthusiasm alone won’t make you a chef. Cooking is a series of complex chemical processes, using carefully selected flavours and ingredients. The first step towards becoming a chef is to study at a hotel institute, or attend one of the specialist schools throughout the country.

When you’ve finished the course, you can then start working in a kitchen to gain experience. Look for a small restaurant, where the chef has the time and willingness to teach you. Once you have a good mastery of the basics, you can try sending your CV to some more important restaurants.

Alternatively, a good way to get experience in the kitchen is to apply for a summer job as a cook or sous-chef. Restaurants always need extra during the summer, when the number of customers increases. So they’re more willing to take on people with less experience, and you’ll discover it’s an excellent way to test out your skills. Finally, to become a good chef you need to keep up to date by doing refresher courses, and also you must never stop practising, even trying out all your recipes at home.