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How to Become a Photographer for National Geographic

Would you like to be a photographer for National Geographic, but don't know where to start? We'll give you a step by step guide towards achieving this ambition.

If you have a great passion for photography and you are always on the lookout for that special and evocative shot, you’ve probably thought it would be great to be a photographer for National Geographic.

Obviously, there are lots of other aspiring freelance photographers just like you. So don’t get over-excited, because the competition is very stiff. And if it takes a lot of effort just to become a professional photographer, imagine the challenges involved in becoming part of one of the most important photography team.

Let’s see what you have to do to become a photographer for National Geographic.

How to Become a Nat Geo Photographer

First, go to the National Geographic Society’s American website and see if there are any vacancies in the Jobs and Career Opportunities section. If there is a job on offer, follow all the instructions and apply for it.

Needless to say, the selection process is rigorous. You’ll need to sell yourself as well as having the requisite skills. In particular, you’ll need to offer something extra that makes your photos stand out from everyone else’s.

Even people who have already been taken on by National Geographic will tell you that the competition never lets up. Being an insider doesn’t mean you can relax. There’s always the chance you’ll no longer be considered up to standard. It’s important to offer a special photo service, reporting on something very particular that will get you noticed.

Also, if you want to work for National Geographic, you should start by making a name for yourself at a national level. Establish a reputation for your photos in a smaller context before making the leap to National Geographic. As always, you have to start from the bottom to reach the top. Look for photo agencies with a good reputation. As well as a photo agency, it is one of the few authorised providers for National Geographic UK.