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Employee and career development: how to grow within your company

Quality and excellence come from highly prepared employees within a culture of mentorship

Every good employee wants to grow and flourish within the company and every good boss should encourage and hope for the development of all employees. There is a difference between the concept of ‘employee development’ and ‘career development’: ‘employee development typically refers to a company’s efforts to train and develop an employee for internal benefits. Career development generally refers to personal efforts by an employee to learn and develop new skills that he can use to earn more income, gain promotions and change careers.’ The effort from both sides brings countless benefits such as higher productivity, profit, better working relationships, happy customers and loyalty.

Employees want to feel valued and appreciated and companies need to invest in their resources in order to achieve high quality business goals and highly prepared workers.

Here are the best ways to grow within the same working environment:

Training should be the number one priority

Professional training implies a series of costs for the company and in general also for the employee if he or she decides to privately invest in training courses. But this type of investment is one of the most valuable on the long-term because it’s the smartest way of cultivating talented and up-to-date employees. Fostering a culture of permanent learning amongst your peers will create a stimulating and competitive working environment.

Contribute to a mentoring culture within the company

According to the Harvard Business Review, managers today are overburdened and “no longer pass-on knowledge, skills, and insights through coaching and mentoring. Organizations need to support and incentivize managers to perform this work.Mentoring is one of the most powerful methods for sharing knowledge and experience. It doesn’t matter if as an employee you find yourself to be the mentor or the mentee, because it is always a learning and enriching moment, no matter the role you cover.

 Don’t forget about personal development

As an employee you have to take care of the following three personal development areas:

You must nurture and keep in mind that you are first of all a human being with emotions and feelings and not just a professional resource.

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