The Best Job Opportunities for Artists
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The Best Job Opportunities for Artists

If you’re artistic, getting a degree in the arts could open up several job opportunities for you. Read on for some ideas about what you can do if you have an art qualification.

Art Teacher and Lecturer

There’s plenty of scope for teaching art, whether it be at school level or university. You will probably need a teaching qualification to teach at a primary and secondary level and a postgraduate degree for university level.

Teaching is ideal if you have a passion for passing on your creativity to budding young artists. You will need good communication skills, as well as plenty of confidence and the ability to inspire. You could also offer private lessons to individuals or small groups, or even specialise in art therapy.

Fine Artist

Of course, you could work as a fine artist. It’s not the easiest of routes to take because there are limited opportunities available and it is a very competitive field. But if you are self-motivated, talented and dedicated, fine art could work for you.

You will likely need experience in the creative sector and will need to be creative about showcasing your work. Fine artists quite often work as art teachers or tutors while pursuing their own work.

Graphic Artist

On the other side of the spectrum is the graphic designer who works on creative designs with high visual impact, often to sell products or services. Graphic designers work according to a client or creative director’s brief and need to select the style and media that will meet the client’s needs.

You will probably need a specialised design aspect to your degree, or at least a whole lot of experience, as well as knowledge of the various computer design packages out there, such as Photoshop.


If you have a strong interest in animation, you could specialise in animation where you produce multiple images that create the illusion of movement.

You might even end up working in the film industry, but the area is very competitive, and you will need an excellent portfolio to sell your skills. This will consist of a showreel, either online or on DVD. A postgraduate specialisation in animation might give you the edge.


If you have specialised in illustration or design in your degree, you might find yourself drawn to print-making. Printmakers make art by means of the printing process and usually, work according to a brief. They might work with silk-screening or lithography, or etching and block-printing, but digital processes are becoming increasingly popular.


If you’re drawn to the beautiful world of book illustration, maybe illustration is the career for you. Illustrators tell stories and ideas to a specific audience via their creative skills. They often work as freelances for several clients, and usually specialise in a particular medium such as watercolours, drawing, photography, or digital illustration.

You should ideally be able to work in a number of different formats, including computer-aided design (CAD). A postgraduate degree in illustration will give you a great advantage.