How many career risks you have taken in your life?
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Career risks you should take if you want to be successful

How many career risks you have taken in your life?

«Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go», said the poet Thomas Stearns Eliot, but on the professional arena risks have to be calculated in advance. Even though, according to the general opinion of entrepreneurs and leaders, one of the greatest risks for being successful is not taking any risks at all, especially when fear and unfounded doubts influence our judgement.

Taking risks doesn’t come natural but you can train yourself by taking small and safe ones by pushing your limits beyond the usual comfort zone. Everyone is terrified of failing in front of a new professional challenge, but what can you do to reduce the percentage of potential damage? The American writer Tom Peters suggested: “test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.”

What are the career risks that you should start taking in order to have success and progress in your career?

Take on new and challenging responsibilities

This is maybe the hardest risk to take, because it implies having a change of paradigm. When you feel ready, ask your supervisor for new tasks and remember to evaluate the right amount of responsibilities. To many or too complex ones could ruin your career.

Expose your ideas

Risk exposing your ideas to raise visibility. Choose the right timing and moment when you know you can share your opinion. But just like in photography, do not “overexpose” your ideas if you want to send a clear and respectful message to your co-workers.

Go into unknown and unfamiliar territory

If you have a chance, interact with other divisions within your company and learn new methodologies. Do not be afraid to seem uninformed because this is the right approach when you deal with unfamiliar territory. Ask questions and learn to explore.

Change industry and not just company

If you’re tenacious and determined enough, and you think you are ready to change industry, then it means you’ve just reached a pivot moment in your life. The previous skills you’ve acquired are going to give an added value when entering a new industry. Be positive and open to this change and learn as much as you can, especially at the beginning.


Identify, assess and take career risks at the right moment and find inspiration from the ones that took relevant risks in their life. Follow the advice of Eleanor Roosevelt: Do one thing every day that scares you. Stay informed and read more of our blog posts.