The etiquette in the workplace of a professional and correct use of your mobile phone regard the way you use this device when sharing a common space with your co-workers.
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Etiquette tips for using your mobile phone at work

How to improve your mobile phone behaviour

How many times have you had an argument or serious confrontation with your co-workers or your boss about your ringtone, the high volume of your mobile phone, or your tone of voice when engaged in a call? A mobile phone is a device strongly connected to your working environment, and if not well managed it can cause noise issues, acoustic discomfort, a negative relationship with your co-workers, and distractions.

Here are some tips on how to improve your mobile phone behaviour at work:

  • Moderate your voice, and try to find a free space where you can talk on the phone
  • If possible, turn off your key tones
  • If you’re in a meeting, turn off your ringtone
  • All visual effects on your phone screen should be turned off, because they may distract or bother your co-workers
  • Don’t listen to voicemail on speaker

Some people recommend putting a mobile phone away when working, but it’s almost impossible to do that, because nearly all job positions imply the use of a company device of that sort. It’s all about using a phone intelligently and respectfully in terms of acoustics, space, visual signals, interference and professional relationships.

“Employees actually need their phones in order to work effectively, disallowing employees from using them at work is an outdated company policy that can only bring more harm than good.” (Steve Wang)

Phones are a great tool for taking notes, creating reminders for meetings, getting in touch with co-workers, and keeping up with industry news. They are also useful for performing simple tasks that  would otherwise require a dedicated item on the desk, such as a calculator.

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