Always be sure to know your notice period before resigning your job.
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Everything you should know before resigning

Always be sure to know your notice period before resigning your job.

Resigning from your job is not a failure, because with the right reasons and motivations you honour yourself and the company you intend leaving. Before making a final choice, ask yourself wisely and honestly how and why you hit the wall at a certain point during your professional path, and then start preparing a professional exit.

Follow this advice!

Be sure that you have another job, and then give the right period of notice – be aware of your company’s policy in terms of the notice period. Always give the news to your supervisor before informing your co-workers. Make sure you have a signed agreement and an official start date from your new employer.

Be and always stay professional – finish your pending projects, help your co-workers and your new replacement as much as you can, attend all agreed meeting and do not sabotage the company by stealing clients or private information. Never burn bridges, instead focus on the positive experiences you had in the past.

Elaborate your exit interview with your boss – this is perhaps one of the most arduous tasks, because it implies a high degree of responsibility, honesty and respect. Should you bring to the table the real reason you are leaving the company or avoid telling the truth? In the interview you should briefly explain why you have decided to accept a new opportunity but do not offer too many details about the new job offer you’ve accepted.

The handover part – make sure you do your best by ensuring that everyone succeeds after you leave. Be positive and proactive when your supervisor asks you to help hire or train someone new. This a very delicate phase, where collaboration is needed until your last day in the company.


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