Professional networking is an important part of your internship experience.
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How to brilliantly complete your internship and turn it into a job

Professional networking is an important part of your internship experience.

Elon Musk once said: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”.

If you’ve just obtained an internship in your dream company and you would love to be part of it for the next few years, then Elon’s motto should give you the right inspiration.

Never underestimate the power of internship positions on your future career, because if you plan it well it can become a significant opportunity.

But how can you turn this temporary position into a permanent one?

Here are some great tips:

Understand the company’s culture

You have to start observing carefully all the dynamics and power games. Each company is unique and has its own “personality” but if you can discover its blind sides you will never feel unprepared or surprised by certain things.

Be proactive and collaborative

Everybody loves enterprising and curious interns. Be a team player and never be afraid to push yourself to the limit. Connecting and gaining the right appreciation from your supervisor is always a valuable asset.

Always perform at your best

If you have a slow pace, especially during this initial phase of your career, start accelerating, because high quality performance and time management are crucial. During the first steps of your internship, reaching business objectives is actually never the main goal, on the contrary, the most important things are the ability of staying focused and giving the right contribution by performing at the best of your ability. Keep in mind that your qualities have to emerge in this very short timeframe.

Networking is of extreme importance  

Professional networking is highly beneficial because it can become the key to your success. Getting acquainted with the right people at the right time is a great way of enhancing your skills and improving your working opportunities.

Prove that you are a valuable resource for the company

This is a golden rule that you should follow, especially at the end of your internship, where your soft skills should emerge. Remember that hard and digital skills can always be developed, but the ones that are the hardest to demonstrate are the soft ones.

Sometimes, as an intern, you might feel a lot of weight on your shoulders. Be positive and tenacious, especially when you know you didn’t perform the way you wanted to.

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