Find the right strategies in order to make a rainy day a good day
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How to deal with seasonal changes without losing your productivity at work

Find the right strategies in order to make a rainy day a good day

Are you one of those professionals who is strongly affected by seasonal changes? How can you keep yourself productive and active at the workplace? On one hand, the amount of summer temptations like taking long walks out of the office tend to decrease during the Autumn period. It might seem odd, but according to studies on bad and rainy weather days, workers tend to be more productive and focused on their tasks, because of the lack of distractions typical of a sunny day. On the other hand, during the second part of the year, days get shorter, temperatures start to slowly drop, the natural environment around us changes and our physical and mental condition get affected by all these sudden variations.

Here are some tips of how you can cope with such changes during the autumn season:

Stay in shape with a great diet and avoid getting sick

The worst thing that usually debilitates workers is having a constant cold and feeling unwell all the time. We tend to underestimate the impact that a seasonal change can have on our bodies – we are exposed to lower temperatures and less light during the day. A good and balanced diet, with fruits and vegetables can prevent catching an unpleasant cold and strengthen also your immune system. ‘According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, while less than .5 percent of workers miss a day of work because of the weather during the warmer months, that percentage increases to almost 2 percent during the colder months.’

Find fun strategies in order to prevent mood swings

Mood swings are the most common reactions to seasonal changes. Keep in mind that ‘the change in seasons can also trigger a seasonal depression, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a much more intense shift in mood, often caused by our decreasing exposure sunlight and vitamin D as the days get shorter.’  There are a lot of ways to address this emotional state. For example, deal with this issue and ask for advice. You might just need to integrate with the right vitamins or have the right physical activity that can help you gradually overcome the seasonal change.

Bad weather is also a great excuse to spend more time with your colleagues in the office

Having a great chat in a warm place while enjoying a nice cup of tea with your team members will definitely create a sense of community. We tend to spend more time in the same working place, especially during the rainy days. It’s a great way of being more collaborative, empathetic and present and bond more with your co-workers.


If you apply all the above methods rest assured that your level of productivity and your general condition will improve. If you are looking for more tricks and tips discover our latest blog posts!