Be yourself and stay relaxed on your first office day
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How to get the most out of your first day of work

Be yourself and stay relaxed on your first office day

There is one thing that all professionals have in common: ‘their first day of work’, where a mix of feelings and unexpected emotions takes place. This is the day when everybody wants to make a good impression, but it’s not always easy to achieve that goal, especially within fast-paced working environments. For sure, it will be a day that you will remember and that will set the tone for your next months within a new company.

How can make your first day enjoyable, easy and less stressful?

Arrive on time

On your first day of work try to be punctual or even arrive before the scheduled hour. Even if it’s a classical move, it will surely allow you to make a good impression and start with the right foot. Follow the instructions that were given to you about the person that should be responsible for accompanying you in the office. Don’t be too proactive and patiently wait to be invited and guided. If you have a name or a contact, remember to keep those details at hand.

Be a good and patient listener

On your first day, choose a listening approach and ask the right amount of questions. By doing this you will be able to grasp relevant details that can make the difference. This will show that you can have a calm and professional dialogue without being too aggressive. You must learn as much as possible on your first day, and being an active listener is a great way of achieving that. Be as natural as possible with your new colleagues, this will make things easier for everybody.

Don’t decline a lunch invitation

In most cases you will be asked to join your new team members to lunch, so don’t be shy and kindly accept the invitation. This type of informal moment is a great way of chatting in a more relaxed way. Think of an ice-breaker topic that can immediately create a light and pleasant moment. For example, if you love telling jokes don’t be afraid to expose yourself, or if you have in mind some funny stories, share them with everybody.

Be relaxed and friendly…

… but still formal and carefully observe all interactions and subtle power games. Listen attentively so that you can have a clear picture of all dynamics within your new working environment. Don’t allow yourself any distractions, for example put your phone on the Silent mode. You will need to be focused at 100% in order to grasp as much as possible. But most importantly, always be yourself and show gratitude, availability and respect.

Making others feel comfortable in your presence will instantly create a positive atmosphere.


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