Tell me about yourself’ is not a personal question so always provide a professional answer.
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How to give a brilliant answer to the question ‘Tell me about yourself’ during a job interview

Don’t get too personal when answering this question

At first glance, ‘tell me about yourself’ can appear as a very personal question and most candidates are usually scared and unprepared when it comes to providing an actual answer. In most cases, this question will be posed right at the beginning of your interview, and this will outline the general perception of the recruiter. The first piece of advice is not to consider this question as a personal one: on the contrary, you should identify two or three specific professional elements that you want to emphasize.

Follow these tips if you want to make a good impression on the interviewer:

Don’t approach the question as a personal one

Even if it seems like a question full of endless answers, remember that in reality you should provide a concise and objective response. The recruiter doesn’t expect personal details or things that will not be useful for the evaluation. Tell me about yourself can be considered as the equivalent of tell me something specific about your career path that is relevant to you. It’s a very tricky question and it can determine the success or failure of your interview. So, plan it well in advance!

Choose a couple of details that you want to put your focus on 

Pick some of the most important moments on which to focus and offer a detailed overview. The interviewer doesn’t expect you to tell the story of your life. This is a great strategy, because it will help the recruiter get a taste of what you consider important and valuable, and what you’ve learned as a professional.

Offer time and space coordinates in order to give context 

Never expose random experiences that are not strictly connected, because that will create a lot of confusion. Follow a coherent timeline and provide a timeframe and specific locations. Find the links and similarities between your various experiences. This will show that you are able to use your critical spirit and evaluate yourself.

It’s all about narrating an authentic story 

It all comes down to telling your story, choosing the main traits and qualities, focusing your energy on the most important moments of your background. Be authentic and just like a storyteller create a sense of engagement. According to Forbes, “children’s books follow very simple “past, present, future” storylines. The same is true for interview responses. Organizing your answer in a predictable narrative makes it easier for interviewers to follow along.”  


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