Asking for and internal transfer can be tricky, but if managed and planned well in advance it will guarantee a successful career move.
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How to successfully get an approval for an internal transfer within the company

Prepare a plan and seek the support of your supervisor

Are you looking for a promotion or a new professional challenge, but you don’t want to change the company? An internal transfer can be the right solution, especially if you strongly believe in the values and mission of your organisation. But making such a move is not always easy and has to be well prepared.

What are the right steps that can guarantee a successful transfer?

Ask for a meeting with your supervisor

Start preparing the battle field and propose a one-to-one appointment with your boss. Firstly, express your need for shifting position, not because you are necessarily unhappy about your current role, but because you want to grow within the same company. Secondly, you will be asked to give a serious motivation for your request. Having a good reference and the right support from your supervisor’s side is a good starting point for obtaining an internal transfer.

Prepare a well-detailed and structured document containing your objectives

If you really want to prove that you are a well-rounded professional, put together a smart business presentation that you can use both for a meeting with your boss and with the HR department. This will show your determination, degree of preparation, and professionalism. Drafting and presenting this document will help you practice your public speaking, sales and soft skills.

Talk to the HR department about the internal transfer policy

Always make sure that your company has a specific policy related to internal transfers. Having a chat with your colleagues from the HR area will give you a chance to have a general understanding about the timing of this procedure.

Get ready for the final interview

Even if you know the people that are going to interview you, prepare yourself as if it was a normal interview outside the company. It’s a very formal moment and you should be focused and ready to be treated like an external candidate. Don’t underestimate this moment just because you already know the rules and policies, it could be decisive for your career.

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