The best tips to ace an online job interview. From getting the basics right to advanced online interview tips, learn the details here.
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How to tackle a virtual interview: tips & tricks

As part of their hiring practices, more and more employers are turning to online job interviews.

Companies are looking for a way to automate recruiting processes, or at least to speed them up. Holding interviews online is one way to improve hiring efficiency, for the benefit of all parties involved – for example by giving even off-site candidates the opportunity to apply and take part in the recruitment process.

The recent outbreak, with the subsequent restart of business activities, has given a further push towards the adoption of new, alternative recruitment methods, encouraging HR teams to choose digital tools for interacting with candidates.

Here we give you a few tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview and avoid the most common mistakes.

Best Practices

  1. Dress appropriately, as if the interview were in person. A suit and tie may be excessive, but wearing a shirt, putting on makeup or trimming your beard will define, in the recruiter’s eyes, how carefully you prepared for the interview.
  2. Choose a quiet and tidy area of the house to place yourself in. Don’t forget to lock the door to avoid intrusions from pets, children and anyone else you share your home with.
  3. In the case of international recruitment, remember to consider differences in time zones.

How to optimize your chances of success

Do not distract the recruiter

Conduct the interview away from open windows, which could let noise in. Use a neutral background (no wacky pictures behind you, for example!) and try not to move around too much in your chair.

Lighting is important, too: opt for artificial light and test it before the interview, so that the recruiter can see your face clearly.

Maintain eye contact

First, position yourself at the right height: tables and computers are usually too low, and often the webcam cannot frame you properly. To solve this issue try lowering the chair and/or placing books under the monitor.

Try to avoid the unexpected

Before the interview, enlist a friend to help you check your internet connection is working well, and get familiar with the software tool you will be using to communicate with the recruiter. Test your headphones and microphone too, to prevent distractions during the interview due to technical issues.

Finally, always remember to ask for an alternative telephone number to contact in case you have no connection. That way you’ll be prepared for the unexpected, even if the “worst” should happen!

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