When you turn down an offer your soft skills emerge, and your personality is exposed
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How to turn down a job offer without seeming rude or unappreciative

When you turn down an offer your soft skills emerge, and your personality is exposed

Saying no is never easy, especially if it is about declining a job offer, but there are ways of doing it without feeling unappreciative. When you receive a proposal feel free to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages before accepting. Remember that it’s worse to accept and afterwards turn down the offer, also because in terms of costs there are important implications. Take the time you need to consider all the above elements.

Here are some great tips of how you should say no to a job offer:

Don’t send a confusing message to the recruiter 

Most of the candidates find themselves in an unpleasant situation when they accept multiple offers and start giving confusing feedbacks, passing from an enthusiastic “yes” to a cold “no” answer. The best thing to do is to provide one final feedback. This approach will send a transparent and positive message about your personality. Being straightforward when you make a decision will prove your excellent leadership skills and strong firmness.

When you decline an offer, provide an honest motivation 

Be honest and argumentative when motivating your decision, balance well the elements you decide to bring to the table. Usually the most common ones are the type of role, company values or remuneration. Expose your ideas in a professional and calm way and let the recruiter know what didn’t satisfy you fully. This will prove you are able to perform an evaluation of the proposal and a self-evaluation of your abilities and aspirations. Be appreciative and positive without burning all bridges. Job interviews are a great way of networking, even when you decline an offer.

What is the best way of communicating your decision? 

The business etiquette in this case is very clear: phone call the interviewer! If you feel this can be too invasive, anticipate it with an email and provide some time for the interviewer to prepare and schedule the call. If during the interview phase you had the email contact of other people, it is always nice to send a short email, thanking them for their time and availability.

A wide range of skills emerge when you decline a job offer, such as: decision-making, empathy, respect, analysis ability, fast paced thinking, self-evaluation, critical thinking, and leadership. Prove that you have been the ideal candidate and let the door open, because you never know when a new opportunity will arise.

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