At the end of your job interview it is important to be proactive and ask questions
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Never leave a job interview before asking these questions

At the end of your job interview it is important to be proactive and ask questions

Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?” How many times did you fail to answer this question before leaving a job interview? The feeling of nervousness when this issue becomes part of the conversation is usually caused by what we call ‘stress interview’.

It is also common knowledge that recruiters have little time at their disposal, so when they address you this question, take advantage and ask about strategic things, in order to distinguish yourself from the other candidates.

All job positions and companies have their unique traits that should be used wisely when you need to prepare specific and original questions. Research everything you can about the company’s culture and find peculiarities.

Let’s take a look at some practical questions before leaving your job interview:

  • What are the company’s most important values? 

This is a classical question that can be applied to all business sectors. Even though it seems a simple one, it can unlock important aspects of the company’s culture. Rest assured that the interviewer, of course, will not offer you hidden insights or full strategic aspects. If you are curious about one specific value, use a vertical approach and gather the details that truly interest you.

  •  Why did you decide to choose my resume?

If you want to understand what are the things that draw the interviewer’s attention, ask what skills or elements were fundamental for her or his choice. You will be able to leverage specific qualities for future job interviews or use this feedback for the following steps of the recruiting process.

  •  Do you have interesting training programmes?

Every recruiter knows that training programmes are important for the professional growth of each employee. Understanding the type of support in terms of training that the company provides, will give you a perspective of how your permanence in a specific working environment could develop.

  • Is smart working part of your working culture?

In this case, both parties should be well prepared. The candidate shouldn’t forget to address this issue and the interviewer should be ready to answer. We cannot ignore the fact that technology has contributed to a number of remote work possibilities.

Be bold but respectful when posing these questions and choose no more than two or three of them. It might open the door to your dream company. Find out more about our career tips!