Insert examples or success stories in your pitch in order to get the right attention from your public.
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How to deliver a flawless pitch

Always practice your pitch before presenting it

The majority of professionals tend to underestimate the power and impact of delivering a high- quality pitch of their overall services. It is safe to say that a pitch cannot be considered a plain presentation and there is a huge difference between the ones who pitch/perform, and the presenters, also called informers.

According to Minor Noblespresenters present. Typically, a 1-way conversation, a presenter stands apart from a seated audience and relays information. […] Pitching on the other hand is a competition to persuade decision-makers to accept you and reject others, in a finite time and place.  The implicit understanding is there is something worth winning and the best team and idea will win it.’

Apart from mastering excellent public speaking skills one should possess a sort of sensitivity towards the needs of an audience. Keep in mind that a pitch is not a static message and the delivery should include the ability of anticipating and perceiving in real time what your public is looking for.

Here are some practical advices that can help you improve your pitching style:

Always personalize your pitch based on the client and its company

Before starting the preparation of the pitch perform the right research about the company profile and the people who will be attending the session. Make sure to insert specific elements that can be a solution to their needs and coherent with their expectations. An anonymous and standard approach is not the way to go if you want to impress your public. ‘Pitching is always a competition to win’. If you feel that you should change or add something during the actual delivery do not be afraid to do that. It’s not just about improvising it’s mainly about ‘feeling’ and grasping in a dynamic way what your audience is looking for.

Take care of graphics and create an original format for your pitch deck

Considering the fact that a pitch is a performance, it is advisable to focus also on the design and the format you decide to use. Do not hesitate to adopt the latest creative tools in order to value also the content. If you can rely on a graphic designer in order to get the right support, collaborate with this type of professional to get the most of your pitch.

Use wisely all body language techniques

Once you’ve got the right pitch and the proper message you want to convey make sure to use the right body language tricks in order to efficiently communicate and empathize with your audience. Being fully aware of the tone of your voice and the way your body reacts under pressure is of extreme importance. Nerves and pressure can ruin your performance.

Keep it simple and short

A flawless pitch should be short and easy to understand. If you are expressing complex concepts, try to use simple examples or practical case studies that can narrate and create an engaging story that everyone will remember.

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