Professional Goals for 2020
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Professional Goals for 2020

Prioritize your objectives and don’t add extra pressure in terms of performances

Have you already set your professional goals for the upcoming year? It is imperative to define and focus on what you would like to accomplish in terms of projects, networking and pending activities. Here is why it is so important to set specific goals:

  • Keep yourself motivated and focused
  • Feel more engaged at work
  • Boost your morale
  • Define new business strategies
  • Create new authentic professional and personal relationships

But how can you elaborate your 2020 goals?

Measure your overall performances

Find a method that can help you measure in an objective way how well you’ve performed last year. Include in your analysis successes, critical moments, obstacles and strategies that helped you overcome challenging moments. Remember that your professional performances are not just a mere sum of positive or negative outputs, they are strongly influenced by your working relationships and the way you interact with your peers. Your performances are connected to other peoples’ results and degree of collaboration. By determining the quantity and quality of your performances you will be able to improve both your soft and hard skills.

Set your goals using a scale of priorities – ‘Less is more’

When you start enlisting your goals don’t forget to carefully prioritize. It is advisable to start with those objectives that have a certain type of urgency and that can help you build a strategy on the long term. By setting the right priorities you will feel less pressure and better manage the incoming challenges. Approach your goals in a positive, constructive and strategic manner, this will allow you to avoid being inconclusive and procrastinate instead of solving crucial issues. Start with a maximum of three goals and while pondering on what you would really like to achieve add more objectives in a later stage.

Include possible solutions to your problems

Once you’ve established the way you had performed, start focusing on solutions to your critical issues. By thinking in advance about potential adjustments, you will deal better with future challenges. This approach puts in motion your problem-solving capacities and critical thinking. Basically, your 2020 goals are just possible solutions and options that will make your career development easier. If you want to further explore Performance Goal Examples for 2020, click here.

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