Start taking seriously the way you plan and perform your calls. If you do it right this can be a source of trust, profit and customer retention
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Why having good Telephone Skills at work can make you a valuable employee

Start taking seriously the way you plan and perform your calls. If you do it right this can be a source of trust, profit and customer retention

No matter the position you cover or the professional experience you’ve gained, developing and cultivating your telephone skills will definitely improve the quality of your work and your company’s image. Enhancing the way you answer the phone will help you, both within and outside the company.

One of the most important qualities is Listening, and this ‘involves sensing, interpreting, evaluating and responding. The major roadblocks to effective listening include distractions and interruptions.’ As a matter of fact, the best techniques consist in being an active listener, avoiding getting too emotional or personal, staying focused in order to grasp specific and useful information. Try not to overload the other person with too many questions that are not useful, formal or concrete. Remember that asking the right questions will save you a lot of time and allow you to have a truly efficient conversation.

What are the steps that you should follow for a successful telephone call?

  • Introduce yourself by saying your name and surname. Offer also some quick details related to the purpose of your call. Provide all the things that you consider important in order to avoid any type of misunderstanding.
  • Be positive and always remember to have on hand the agenda or the minutes for the conference call. It is crucial to prepare a kind of list before performing the call. Getting in touch with someone without having planned the elements you want to discuss is highly unprofessional. The other person will expect you to guide him or her during the call, considering that you are the one that calls.
  • Always be on time for the phone calls that you scheduled in advance. And if you are unable to respect the timing, send an email and inform your contact person about the delay. One of the most annoying things at work is waiting a long time for a planned call.
  • Try to be clear and avoid any sudden and unpleasant interruptions. Choose an adequate space where you know you can talk freely, and you can perfectly hear what the other person is saying to you.
  • According to every call is divided in three main blocks: ‘(1) the introduction, in which both parties establish their identity and the convenience of the call; (2) the purpose, which involves needs by asking well-constructed questions; and (3) the conclusion, whereby both parties reach a verbal agreement on the points made during the call and any specific action that needs to be taken.’ Closing a call with a friendly and calm approach, especially in case of difficult ones, is essential if you want to leave a good impression. Be a professional till the end.

By enhancing your telephone skills you are able to project a favourable image of your company. You start building trust and respect with your customers!

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