A remote worker has to balance his presence in the office and remote working.
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Remote working can lead to a sense of loneliness and isolation

The possibility of working from home has improve some aspects of productivity but influenced the quality of the relationship between peers. The absence from the office cannot be ignored by those who spend most of their working routine in the office. On the other hand, remote workers can start to suffer from loneliness, especially after an extended period of time away from the other professionals in your company.

If you are a remote worker here you are some tips of how you can prevent a sense of isolation:

Choose at least a couple of days when you decide to be in the office

Your presence is an irreplaceable asset for the company; therefore, you can’t allow yourself to always work from home. Start finding the right balance between remote working and going to the office. This will surely allow you to avoid suffering from loneliness, depression, isolation and burnout. Having regular meetings and informal chats within the company is a great way of feeling part of a team and improve your working time when you’re away.

Perform regular calls when working outside the office

Being alone and silent all day long is definitely not going to improve your social and soft skills. Don’t avoid performing regular call or event better videocalls with all the team members, and especially with your supervisor. Just hearing the voice of the other person or establishing an eye contact will improve the way you deliver your projects. And this will make your job easier, more agile and will spear you a lot of misunderstandings.

Always keep a close contact with your co-workers

Send an informal email once in a while, asking everybody how they are doing and how is everything going, wishing everybody a great day. It’s a nice way of being emphatic and caring towards your peers.

Create a sense of teamwork and keep everybody up-to-date

At the end of the day create a brief and quick recap email and enlist the main things you’ve achieved. Keeping everyone informed, especially if you didn’t have the chance to make your regular calls, it’s crucial when working remotely.

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