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Student Jobs: 7 You Can Do While at University

Here are the 7 best part-time jobs to help you put some money aside! They're ideal for university students!

If you’re at University and you’d like to earn while you’re studying, there are various options available. Obviously, the best option is a part-time job for not take too much time off from your studies. There are many opportunities for students who want to work: you just need to choose the sort of job and terms of employment to suit your needs.

7 Jobs for University Students

  • Bar tending: the hours are usually flexible and you choose the evening shifts that fit with your studies. You can go to your university classes in the morning, study in the afternoon, and work in the bar during the evening.
  • Waiter in a restaurant: here again, the opportunity for evening work fits perfectly with the student life. In this way, you can go to classes and study during the day, and wait at tables in the evening, without finishing too late. Another attraction, of course, is the tips.
  • Baby-sitter: the pay is good and you seldom have to work more than a couple of hours a day.
  • Tutoring: the classic job for students. In addition to helping youngsters with their school work, you can revise various subjects you may even be studying at university.
  • Seasonal jobs: if you don’t have any exams during the summer, or even just a few, a seasonal job working in a beach bar or as a lifeguard is an excellent way to earn money during the summer months.
  • Pro DJ in a disco: if you only want to work weekends, this job is perfect for you. The pay is very good and the job does not take you away from your studies.
  • Promoter: this is on-call work. It mostly consists of spending a day handing out leaflets, or giving new product samples to passers-by.