An employee with a global background is more likely to stand out from the crowd
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The significance and value of an international career

An employee with a global background is more likely to stand out from the crowd

Initially, the thought of applying for overseas positions can be challenging and intimidating due to possible language barriers, cultural differences and a comfort zone being massively threatened.

Nevertheless, many young and well-rounded professionals balance the above potential disadvantages with benefits such as international networking and building an appealing resumé.

One of the best things about experiencing an international career is the fact that you get to challenge yourself and acquire a completely new working style, methodology and skills. In this specific case you get to test yourself as a person, professional and also team player.

Here are some of the top benefits of an overseas career:

You develop a higher cultural sensitivity

Usually when moving within an international working environment you will have the opportunity of working with people from all around the world. The more time you find yourself immersed in such a stimulating setting the more you evolve in terms of ‘international business protocol’ and managing etiquette when dealing with a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The chance of developing wider communication competencies

One of the key skills acquired during an overseas experience is related to the quality of the way you manage and deliver different types of communications, both internal and external. You learn to interact and connect in a much more empathetic and kinder way. The positive development of your ‘cultural sensitivity’ will contribute on how you communicate with others.

Mastering more than one language

The majority of workers that apply for global job positions leave the country having a good language level. The wonderful thing is that ‘when you come back from working abroad, many prospective employers will want to hire you if you can speak more than one language. This skill allows you to communicate with potential clients, customers, and colleagues that aren’t native English speakers. Moving forward towards a proficient degree of linguistic knowledge will give you a clear competitive advantage that not many candidates possess.

If you want to add value and a higher purpose to your career path don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try an international experience. You will gain deeper vision in terms of business, people and cultural challenges within the working place.

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