Being nice and friendly makes you both a good employee and a great person
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Top tips to become a better employee

Being nice and friendly makes you both a good employee and a great person

Awareness, constant improvement and high standards should be the three keywords of every single professional, no matter the role or industry. Aiming high and wanting to become a better employee is not just an effort, it is a way of being a good team player and a valuable asset for your company.

Follow these tips to become a better employee:

Be kind and collaborative at work

If you find yourself working in a stressful environment, being always nice to everybody is not an easy task. Learning to become stress-resilient and calm, especially when in case of high-pressure situations, is a hard process that will eventually make you a better employee.

If you manage to work on these soft skills you’ll notice significant improvement in your interpersonal relationships. A calm and easy-going professional puts everyone at ease using a collaborative approach. Becoming a better employee might as well open the door towards becoming a better person – it doesn’t have to be the other way around.

Improve the way you prioritize your overall activities

Everyone has their own method and unique work style therefore the way you manage your priorities at work will differ from the way your colleagues handle them. But in this case, leaving aside personal features, you can use the opportunity to learn from the others, especially when it comes to methodologies or tools that they use, their priorities’ and time management. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and exchange ideas. This will make you an excellent employee and a nice person to be around!

Be eager to learn and improve your skills

Permanent learning and reskilling are not just the workplace trends, they represent the main source of keeping a person engaged, curious and more focused. A good employee is proactive, the one that raises the bar by developing specific qualities.

Be reliable and worthy of trust

Finally, if you want to become a better employee you must prove that you know how to manage tasks and handle different responsibilities, so that people can trust you. In particular, if you want to be assigned with important projects, you should prove your value to your boss or supervisor and get the needed trust. Reliability is an important and valuable quality that all HR managers and bosses look for in a worker.

Managers are also considered employees and they also need to do their best to become better leaders. Don’t miss 8 Books Every Manager Should Read to Become a Better Leader if you are looking to improve your leadership style.

Here are some interesting examples of Good Employee Behaviour and what employers and managers look for in terms of attitude and personality.

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