Travelling for business is usually stressful, but you can reduce the pressure by keeping on exercising, focusing on your travel comfort, arriving at the airport in advance, taking your relax time, and reserving some hours for a thorough planning.
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Travelling for business without being stressed

4 great tips to lower the pressure and make your work travel more enjoyable

Frequent business travellers know the truth behind the seemingly pleasant flights and rides:   changing places, dealing with queues, living in hotels, spending hours on the road can be very stressful. As travelling for business is something usually organized with little to no warning, it leaves a person without a much-needed time for a thorough preparation. Frenetic and high-pressure, business traveling bolsters harmful day routines with poor eating and sleeping habits, provoking fatigue, motivation decline, and overall productivity decrease.

Here are some tips that will free you from the risk of work travels taking a mental toll on you:

Invest some time in planning

Even though some travels are not scheduled in advance, try to plan as many details beforehand as possible. Consider writing a travel checklist for a better packing, browse the routes to find the fastest ones, consult the Internet about Wi-Fi connection in the airports, hotels, and conference venues. Double check if you took an extra phone charger and personal care products. Check-in online for rental cars and flights, consider priority passes to skip long lines. Plan your work-on-the-road schedule: decide what is easily done during the flight – this will save you time once you arrived. Think through if you need a lot of “catching up” time upon you return in the office and plan your future activities accordingly.

Arrive at the airport in advance – and don’t work

Never cut it too close on your time of arriving at the departures point. Imagine getting stuck in traffic or having to refill at the gas station. These unpredictable “time eaters” may increase the odds of being frazzled. Better arrive in advance and have a nice breakfast in a café next to your gate, even if this means waking up earlier. Remember: this is your short relax time, enjoy it without working.

Travel with comfort

Wear something comfortable to make your business travel a more enjoyable experience: don’t bother putting on suits or heels for the travel time, you will have a chance to freshen up and change your outfit later. If you have a business meeting right after the flight, make use of the airport loungerooms or restrooms. Bring on board a pair of earplugs and a comfy travel pillow to take a nap.

Do micro-workouts

One of the aspects people tend to ignore during a business travel is the workout routine. Don’t fall into the laziness trap and keep your metabolism levels high with a bit of physical activity. No time for a gym? Then don’t use the lift and walk the stairs. Light exercise in a hotel room will also boost your energy. Try jogging before the working day – apart from being a sports activity, running will let you see the area outside the cubicles and conference rooms. Explore the place you are visiting!

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