Valentine’s Day Love can turn into… plenty of job opportunities for incurable romantics
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Valentine’s Day: Love can turn into… plenty of job opportunities for incurable romantics!

If you’re an incurable romantic and want “that loving feeling” in your career too, we can help find the job for you!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The day when lovers celebrate, seek out the perfect gift and dream up romantic tete-a-tetes…or, if Cupid’s arrow missed its target, you might have plans for movie night with a bucket of popcorn. Either way, if you’re an incurable romantic and yearn for a job that ties in with love and romance, read on – there are plenty of jobs connected with celebrating love in every shape and form!

Love creates work: don’t believe us? Here are a range of job opportunities we’ve handpicked for you. Can you feel the love? Apply today!

Wedding planner and Events organizer

In recent years – on the back of some high-profile TV programmes – you’ll have noticed that wedding planners seem to be everywhere. Their amazing organizational skills and creative flair help make weddings and theme parties unique.

For major celebrations, who better to call on than an events organizer?

If you feel you have what it takes, here are all the job opportunities we’ve found for you.

Photographer and Videomaker

The people you entrust with the all-important task of immortalizing a special moment to remember forever, whether it’s your wedding or another special event like a milestone birthday or a new baby. They’re precise and creative, and have a knack for capturing the perfect moment and creating indelible memories.

Are you good at seeing the world through a lens? Then zoom in on some of the positions available as a photographer or videomaker.

Goldsmith or Jewellery designer

Often, they’re true artists and are capable of crafting the perfect jewel to gift to a loved one, or yourself.
They’re the people behind wedding rings, or a bespoke piece of jewellery to mark a special occasion, such as a solitaire or an engraving to commemorate a milestone moment.
It takes skill, precision and artistic inspiration.

Does this sound like you? Here are some job opportunities in the field.

Cake designer or Pastry chef

The moment everyone looks forward most to at weddings and parties: the cake!
Especially when accompanied by an array of mouth-watering exquisite mini pastries, the cake table becomes feast for the eyes… and the tastebuds of course.

If you’re equipped with dedication, an eye for detail, culinary skills and creative flair then here are some openings to work as a cake designer or pastry chef.

Fashion designer or Wedding boutique sales assistant

When it comes to preparing for special occasions, one of the most enjoyable parts is deciding what to wear. Brides flock to artisans and fashion experts to design and create their dream dresses, or help them choose one of the most crucial purchases for their special day.

If you have a passion for fashion alongside creative vision, an eye for detail and endless patience, working in a wedding dress atelier or becoming a sales assistant at a bridal boutique could be the job for you!


It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or if you’re still waiting for that special someone; it doesn’t matter who you love, or why. If you’re doing a job you love, you’re definitely on the right track!

We’ve suggested a variety of job opportunities for you to snap up right now before someone else does – and you’ll find “plenty more fish” on our website. Sign up for our newsletter today to get your ideal job openings delivered direct to your inbox every day, free of charge.