How to become a visual merchandiser
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Visual merchandiser: skills and required activities

Creativity, communication skills and time management

The main purpose of implementing a visual merchandiser strategy is to increase sales and improve how a brand is perceived. A window or interior display has to be appealing enough in order to attract customers. But attractiveness is not the only defining element – coherence between the inside and the outside is also extremely important for a good user experience.

There are some specific aspects that influence the regularity of the variation of each display:

  • Seasonality
  • Specific events such as Christmas
  • Latest trends
  • Vertical promotional activities

Let’s learn more about the daily activities carried out by a visual merchandiser:

  • Constant research of the latest ‘lifestyle concepts and trends’
  • Development of structured floor plans
  • Elaboration of a ‘model store’ based upon the design directives
  • Creation of consistency between brand and image
  • Implementation of designs and plans
  • Preparation of events during promotional periods

In order to conduct the above activities, there some specific competencies that need to be acquired or improved:


An aspiring visual merchandiser has to use all the creative resources and ‘design skills’ in order to create a truly interesting product display. This is maybe one of the most important qualities that has to be used at its fullest and can be cultivated with time and experience.

Communication skills

Keep in mind that this position requires high level of communication skills, because you will have to share an effective message both with buyers, sellers, clients, and colleagues. By ‘listening to the retail store needs and work to develop a solution that will deliver the retail message to the customer. You will be able to identify the key message to be conveyed and ensure this is well captured with the visual display.’

Time management and good organizational skills

A visual merchandiser should be able to multitask and joggle various activities. To become a successful professional in this field, you have to show talent in coordinating and managing projects, as well as in organizing your priorities. Be a good team player by giving and accepting support from your coworkers in order to better manage your daily activities and tight deadlines.

This is a fascinating job position that implies the use of soft and hard skills within a very dynamic working environment.