What are the main activities an Office Manager does?
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What are the main activities an Office Manager does?

The role requires being highly organized, emphatic and a “people” person

How many times did you see a job position “Office Manager”? And you wondered about the skills one should have for this role. In this article we will reveal the activities that are regularly carried out in this position.

“A day in the life of an Office Manager will look different at nearly every company, but the bulk of any OM’s day will likely involve managing office processes to help work run as efficiently as possible and keep employees happy and productive.” You can tell that productivity and efficiency are of extreme importance for this type of role.

But let’s find out more about the most common activities managed on a daily basis:

  • Check that nothing is actually missing in the kitchen, especially the coffee and snacks supplies, both for internal staff and guests. Making sure that the kitchen is in perfect order gives a sense of a tidy place where everyone can enjoy a nice break.
  • In some companies an Office Manager has to elaborate a weekly report. For this activity, it is required to have a good proficiency in using Excel or PowerPoint. In any case, for almost all tasks an Office Manager has to demonstrate a good understanding of important digital tools. In order to have a more agile approach when dealing with processes, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest methodologies.
  • Take care of welcoming and greeting professionals that have a scheduled appointment with someone from the internal staff. Hospitality and kindness are very important elements for this job. You will be constantly exposed to all different type of people, and you will have to be well prepared with the business etiquette.
  • Managing invoices and reviewing security procedures are also part of this job position. An eye for detail together with an analytical approach are qualities that an Office Manager should have.
  • The role requires a wide set of skills and versatile qualities considering that you will also have to deal with some of the following activities: “booking international travel and evaluating potential IT purchases, have little in common on the surface, but both items require someone who listens carefully, asks the right questions, thinks strategically, and makes decisions independently. A day in the life of an Office Administrator involves plenty of mental exercise”. 

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