How to become a gardener
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What do you need to become a professional gardener?

Innate artistic sense, love for nature and good training can make you an excellent gardener

A career in gardening can be a rewarding and satisfying one. If you love nature, if you fancy being out of the office and you are a gifted manual worker this might be the professional path that you are looking for. Of course, if you decide to become a professional gardener, having an innate sense of beauty and creativity, will have a positive impact when you start a higher training process.

What type of training do you need for this role?

For some positions in this field you are not required to have a high level of education; a good degree of experience and expertise might be enough. Instead, for other roles, a specific degree or certificate is absolutely necessary. General studies include ‘horticulture, landscape design or a related field. […] and be familiar with word processing, design, plant identification, plant care, weed control, gardening tools and irrigation systems.’ Here are some fundamental steps that you should follow for becoming and advancing as professional gardener:

  • Study and get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in order to have a deeper knowledge in terms of ‘plant physiology, plant diseases and plant maintenance’
  • Scout for Master Gardener programs
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news proposed by national associations and The Gardeners Guild in the UK
  • Keep a good balance in terms of work experience and permanent learning by obtaining certifications and improving your current status. According to ‘those who pursue a master’s or bachelor’s degree in horticulture can open their own business as a gardener or detail gardener, providing consultation and design services to residential clients and overseeing garden laborers.’

Categories of gardening services

If you are considering a job in this industry you should also be familiar with the sorts of gardening. This type of knowledge can help you choose an exact training path. Here are some of the most notorious gardening categories:

  • Landscape Design is the art of arranging Landform, Vertical Structures, Horizontal Structures, Vegetation, Water, Climate elements to make good outdoor space’
  • Lawn services consist in ‘taking care of already established garden
  • Maintenance of a landscape implies lawn mowing, composting and gardening

Based upon your current skills, experience and passion make some research and learn what is the most suited kind of gardening service you would like to provide.

Main Skills that a professional gardener is required to develop

Apart from a mandatory set of hard skills, a professional gardener should also possess a good level of critical thinking, communication skills (such as empathy) and also, he or she should be highly self-motivated.

If you think you have what it takes then jump in and start a career as professional gardener by finding your next opportunity with Jobrapido!